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Drain Cleaning Hollywood Once you become a customer of John’s Plumbing & Drain Services you’ll appreciate the quality and expertise of our work. Our expert technicians are always uniformed and our trucks are always clean and efficiently stocked.
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John’s Plumbing has been servicing the Burbank area for many years and we are proud of the customer following that we now have. We offer many wonderful services including water heater installation, drain and pipe cleaning, new construction, and plumbing for both residential and commercial businesses. We take pride in our company and this is why we offer the best rates in Burbank and the expert knowledge of our technicians to both businesses and homes. Give us a call today for a free estimate or for our emergency services.

Drain and Pipe Cleaning

A slow drain will drive anyone crazy, but when it starts to overflow things can turn messy- fast. John’s Plumbing offers our Burbank area businesses and residents complete drain and pipe care. Many times the problem is easy and something has become lodged inside one of the drainage pipes. Grease, soap scum, as well as matchbox cars can become lodged in your pipes causing it to drain slow or stop draining all together. We use the highest quality equipment around to find the source of the problem. Once we find the problem we use high pressure water hoses and drills to clean your pipes. Once your pipes are clean, you shouldn’t have problems for years to come. We will also recommend certain solutions to put down your drains to ensure the soap scum and grease won’t build up and cause you problems again in the near future.

Our Equipment

John’s Plumbing takes pride in the job we do and this is why we have the best equipment available to use on your Burbank home and businesses pipes and drains. We use a highly advanced camera that can go down into your pipe which will allow us to see what is blocking your pipe or if your pipes are broken and need to be replaced. We also have available for use a high powered water pressure machine to blow anything stuck in the pipe out. This is one of the best ways to clean your pipes. If something is lodged inside your pipe, we may need to use our high powered drills. These drills are used to cut through roots and other tough debris that could be stuck in your pipe. We are able to cut through the clogs with ease, leaving you with free flowing pipes again. We also promise that our prices will be reasonable and that our plumbers are fast and friendly as well as efficient. Give us a call today to experience the excellence in our work!

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